Salt Lake Salka

Salka mystics in the mountains of Peru
Traveling with Mystics in the High Andes of Peru

About Salka and Salt Lake Salka

Founders of Salt Lake Salka Salka is a Quechua term (language of the Andes) for undomesticated energy. Salka is like a wind that blows through consensus reality from beyond, bringing us into contact with the great mystery and beauty of existence.

Salt Lake Salka is a blossom of the Poetic Salka Movement on the planet (founded by the Peruvian mystic don Americo Yabar) and a self-appointed chapter of the Andean Mystic Association. We are a community of individuals brought together by the desire to bring more salka awareness into the world. We can also be found on Facebook: Salt Lake Salka on Facebook (which is a better place to be kept informed of new events).

For more information about salka and the Andean Cosmovision please visit:

Workshop: Connecting with the Heart of Nature. June 3-5, 2016

Workshop Flyer

Andean (Salka) Meditation Classes by Oakley Gordon: Nov-Dec 2015

I thought it might be useful for those of you who are participating in these classes to have a list of the topics we covered in case you want to look them up later to refresh your memory. I use the names of the processes as they appear in my book, they may be called something slightly different in my blog.

A Few Quechua Terms (spelled phonetically in Spanish, 'i' is the long 'e' sound, 'u' is the 'oo' sound as in 'moon', 'ai' sounds like 'eye').

Class 1: November 8th

Class 2: November 15th

Class 3: November 22nd

Class 4: December 6th

Class 5: December 13th

More Photos of Salt Lake Salka

Members of Salt Lake SalkaIn front of Jack's Cafe in Cuzco, Peru. 2013.

Members of Salt Lake SalkaOn a scouting trip in Southern Utah for the 2014 don Americo Yabar workshop.

Waikis in MolinoAt Gayle's house "Molino" in Peru. 2015

Meeting with QeroMeeting the Q'ero & don Americo at 15,000 feet for ceremony. Peru. 2015. Photo by Pia Ossorio.

Americo Yabar Workshop: July, 2014

Gayle YabarSalt Lake Salka arranged for don Americo Yabar to come to Utah for an incredible workshop in July. Thank you so much don Americo and also thank you to the participants who all came with such open hearts. Together we embraced in salka the vast beauty and mystery of the Pachamama, the Cosmos, and our own Being.

Special Project: May, 2014

Every year in late May or early July the villages in the Andes of Peru send a delegation to attend the huge festival of Quyllur Rit'i at the base of Apu Asungate. The villages send their paqos (mystics), musicians, and dancers who take two days walking through the mountains, dancing and playing music all of the way, to get there.

Quyllur Rit'i is Quechua for 'star snow'. It is a celebration of stars, particularly the Pleiades constellation, which disappears for two months and then reappears at harvest time. Each delegation takes back to their village a piece of ice from the glacier on Apu Asungate that contains the light of the star that is connected to their village.

Last year we were at Salka Wasi (the house of 'undomesticated energy')--Americo's ancestral house in the Andes--when the delegation from the local community left to participate in Quyllur Rit'i, they danced down to greet us on their way--dressed ceremoniously as bears. They may be seen at Quyllur Rit'i Delegation at Salka Wasi 2013.

Gayle YabarThis year Americo's son Gayle, who is also a great mystic/shaman, has been given the great honor and responsibility of organizing and hosting the delegation from the local area. 120 people are going to go and they will be gone for a week. We asked Gayle what we could to do help and he said that money to help pay for their food and other needs would be greatly appreciated. I love these opportunities to directly help these open hearted people who are still living the Andean Cosmovision and who have so openly shared their Cosmovision with us children of the west.

If you would like to help with a donation please give your donation to one of the members of Salt Lake Salka or go to Salka Wind and visit the 'Ayni/Contact' page to donate through paypal.